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            Student Code of Conduct



Student’s Responsibilities and Code of Conduct


Follow Our Instructions

     If accepted for training, all students agree to abide by all written and verbal policies and procedures of Fidelity Investigative Training Academy, its directors, executives, managers, supervisors and/or authorized agents instructing, directing, or placed in charge of them. All students are individually financially responsible for any and all debts that are incurred and owed to Fidelity Investigative Training Academy as a result of their application for enrollment in any class or course given or sponsored by Fidelity Investigative Training Academy.


Be On Time & Properly Dressed

      All students, by registering for class and actual class attendance, are agreeing to subscribe to this code of conduct and the student’s responsibilities. All students are expected to be in the classroom, ready to begin class no later than ten minutes prior to the start of each class session. Each student is expected to dress “business casual” in order to blend into our surrounding business atmosphere. This means that blue jeans, shorts, sweat pants, warm ups, and other sport or street wear, is completely unacceptable. Students, while attending class, are a representation of our Academy, and as such, are to dress professionally.


Be Respectful And Professional

     Students are expected to be polite and respectful of fellow students, staff and instructors at all times. Offensive behavior, profanity or any action that demeans, disrespects or verbally abuses any student, staff or instructor will not be tolerated.


No Photographs Or Video/Audio Recording

     Students are to turn off cell phones, pagers and other types of pda while class is in session. Courses may not be recorded nor videotaped without the express written permission of the Executive Director of the Academy, and unauthorized recording will result in being expelled from the Academy immediately.


Be Sure You Can Physically Participate In The Course

     Students are expected to follow the directions of the instructors and staff members quickly and precisely. Any student whom an instructor feels is incapable of safely and properly completing any course, will be removed by the instructor. No refund of tuition will be provided in the case of any deliberate act that is unsafe, or is in defiance of the directions of an instructor. Each student is expected to have evaluated their own ability to safely and successfully complete the class that they wish to enroll in, prior to enrollment, as well as their own physical ability to engage in the training itself. Certain classes require practical physical tests of the student, in order for the student to demonstrate proficiency in the techniques learned. Certain classes require students to experience some discomfort, under supervised and controlled circumstances, in order to successfully complete that course. Individuals who have severe allergies, brittle bones, preexisting injuries or conditions that restrict movement, asthma, or other physical or medical conditions, are advised to refrain from attending such classes.



Risk of Injury

     Any prospective student wishing to take, any of the classes of this academy, understands that these classes carry with them a significant risk of injury. Courses involving firearms, impact devices, defensive tools, and/or physical restraints all carry an enhanced risk of injury, due to the need to conduct live-fire training, and dynamic defensive activities that may bend, twist or pin the body in ways that may induce temporary pain, or severe discomfort.

Some Course Activities Cause Pain Or Discomfort

    Students participating in courses involving defensive spray devices understand that they may be exposed to the chemicals of the spray devices. Students who are asthmatic or otherwise have respiratory conditions are advised not to take such courses involving defensive sprays without prior approval from their physician.

     All students, by registering for courses in this academy, understand, acknowledge and accept such risks. Any prospective student who is, or reasonably believes that they may be, allergic or acutely at risk of physical harm, due to anything presented at any course, is prohibited from registering in that course, and should not attempt to take that course.



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