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Sworn Law Enforcement  Courses                                  

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 Public Law Enforcement Only Courses


      Courses are designed to provide additional skills, information and training to law enforcement personnel. Courses are provided by instructors who are credentialed instructors for sworn public law enforcement personnel in their respective fields. The Academy also leverages our professional relationship with law enforcement trainers from around the United States, to host specialized courses that provide police officers with the latest in technology, techniques and legally current methodology. Certain courses are offered only once per year based upon instructor availability, and other courses are provided periodically, or by request.


                 Terms & Conditions for Public Law Enforcement Courses


Eligibility to Attend

     The courses listed on this page are only open to individuals who are part-time or full time peace officers. Status as a peace officer must be verified, either prior to enrollment or on the first day of class. Classes are closed to the public, and final approval as to admission is at the discretion of the course instructor.



     Individuals who are attending a course as directed by their respective agency, are automatically registered upon receipt of a letter from their agency, on agency letterhead, indicating the individuals being sent to the class. Individuals who are paying personally to attend, are requested to follow our online registration process.


Tuition and Fees

     Individuals attending a course on a departmental purchase order need not submit additional fees. Individuals who are paying personally, must register for each course they intend to take. Registration includes payment of a portion of the tuition fee to hold a seat in class. The balance of the tuition and fees are due in full upon the first day of the course. Because of the costs generated in materials for each student, registration fees are non-refundable. Agencies that register their officers by way of purchase order are liable for that portion of the tuition required as a registration fee, should officers not attend, or the agency cancel their attendance at class. In either case, should an individual not attend a class they are registered for, the registration fee can be applied towards another class at a later date.


Recordings of Courses

     The audio or video recording of courses is expressly prohibited, except by permission of the instructor. Certain courses may, due to liability requirements, require certain portions of the class to be video recorded. Such requirements are determined by the instructor and the association or board which credentials that instructor in that course, and is not negotiable. Certain training programs, such as TASER Academy, record portions of the class.


Program Safety

    All attendees will be expected to follow the instructions of the instructors and staff during the administration of the  course. Firearms safety rules will be reviewed with each student, as well as the Academy rules that apply to all students, regardless of course. Any student that fails to follow the instructions of the instructor or staff, or is otherwise disruptive of class, will immediately be removed from the class. Students participating in classes that have a range component will need to bring a hat with a bill (baseball-type hat) to wear at the range. Eye and ear protection will be provided for students to do not have their own.


Range Fees

    The tuition for the courses below includes the range fee, but not the cost of ammunition. Ammunition costs vary, based upon the caliber and type of firearm used. Attendees  are advised to purchase ammunition for their firearm on their own prior to attending the course.


                        2011 Courses



One-on-One Firearms Instruction

Private instruction is available, provided by an NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.  Exact times are to be negotiated with the firearms instructor.  Range location is to be mutually determined.  Instructional time must be by consent of the instructor.

4 Hours/Session. Session: $ 140.00                                             Register today for $ 50.00

Advanced Registration Only - No Walk-Ins For This Class


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