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   Armed Security Officer Training Courses

Fidelity Investigative Training Academy is certified as a Security Training organization by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation,  the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Public Service, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Tennessee's Private Protective Services Division, and New Mexico's Regulation and Licensing Department.




Twenty-Hour Firearms Course

 This course is required for all contract Security Officers, Private Detective Employees, and Contract Alarm Runners who wish to be qualified in the State of Illinois to work in an armed capacity. Completion of this course only qualifies an individual to work for their agency in an armed capacity, should their employer authorize it. Completion of this course does not authorize an individual to carry a firearm on their person. Successful completion of this course requires passing both a written examination and a practical examination involving a "live-fire" examination at a firing range. Tuition covers cost of instruction and firearm.


2014 Armed Course Now Qualifies Also For Illinois Concealed Carry Certification!

Our new 2014 Armed Course certifies students who complete the program for both the 20 Hour Armed Security Certification, AND the Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm Certification, all at once (additional fee for ccw certification is required).


Course Tuition: $ 125.00

Course Study Guide: $ 15.00 

Range Fee: $ 26.00  (Paid By The Student At The Range On Friday)

Ammunition and Targets are approximately $ 10.00 per class of firearm you will qualify with, paid in addition to range fee.


Duration: 2-1/2 Days.                                   

Class begins every Wednesday afternoon at 1pm.


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Course Days:  Every week, Wednesday thru Friday.

 Your total cost, the Twenty-Hour Firearms Course, Study Guide, Firearm Rental, Ammunition, Targets, Eye & Ear Protection and Range Fees, are only:

$ 166.00 complete.

This is the lowest course anywhere,

with NO hidden fees!


Need to take both the 20 Hour Unarmed Basic Course AND the 20 Hour Armed Security Course? Save $ 20.00 now, and register for both in our 40 Hour Combo Package.

(Only available if you register and pay the tuition in full before the first day of class)




Watch this Chicago Tribune video article about out our Armed Security Course.



Fidelity Investigative Training Academy uses the iMarksman Firearms Simulation Trainer System assist in the training of security officers.



Watch this video article from the Chicago Tribune about our Firearms Simulations Training in our Armed Course.



Frequently Asked Questions

About the Twenty-Hour Firearms Course

Q: I want to be an Armed Security Guard. Do I still need to the 20 Hour Basic (Unarmed) Course?

A: Yes, you do. All contract security officers must first take and successfully complete, the 20 Hour Basic (Unarmed) Course, and then, if they wish to work as an armed security officer, they can later take the 20 Hour Armed Security Course. If a student wishes, they can take both the 20 Hour Basic (Unarmed) Course and the 20 Hour Armed Security Course in the same week, and get all required training completed.


Q: Is this the course you take to get your Firearms Control Card (Tan Card)?

A: Yes. The 20 Hour Firearms Course is a State of Illinois required  course for individuals working in the field of contract security in an armed capacity. You must successfully pass this course in order to obtain a FCC (Firearm Control Card), also called a Tan Card.


Q: Can I carry a gun immediately after taking this class?

A: No. Completion of the 20 Hour Armed Course does not automatically authorize you to carry a firearm. You must, however, first take and complete this course, and upon completion of this course, the firearms instructor will report your passing written and range score to the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, who will issue a Certificate of Completion of Firearms Training. Security officers do not decide for themselves if they will work in an armed capacity or not. Ultimately, the Security Agency that hires you will determine if you will work for them  in an armed capacity or not.


Q: Do you have job placement?

A: We have a referral service, that graduates can choose to "opt into". The referral service selects graduates to response to requests for trained, qualified applicants from contract and in-house security departments, that contact us for applicants.


Q: How do I register for the 20 Hour Armed Course?

A: Click on the link at the top of the page that says "Register Here For Class!" This will take you to the registration page. Select the course you want to take, "20 Hour Armed Course" and follow the instructions to register online and pay with a credit card or e-check. If you do not have the funds now, you can show up for class and register in person on the first day of class. Registration begins every Wednesday at 12:30 pm and class begins every Wednesday at 1:00 pm.


Q: What do I need to bring with me to class?

A: Bring the balance due of the tuition (or full tuition if registering in person), a State ID Card or Driver's License, and an open mind. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to bend, turn and  move around easily. Private parking is available in the parking lot next to the building free of charge, and there are places to eat, including McDonald's and Wendy's within two blocks of the Academy.


Q: Where do we go to shoot?

A: The Range portion of the course is conducted on Fridays. The Firearm's Instructor will provide you with the location of the range during the course of instruction, along with a map. It is the student's responsibility to arrange transport to and from the range. Students may not ride with the instructor. Due to City of Chicago ordinances, there are no public commercial gun ranges in the city. All ranges are in the suburbs.


Q: What if I don't own a firearm? Do I have to purchase one for the class?

A: You do not need a firearm, as you will go to the range and shoot the Academy's firearms.


Q: What if I don't pass the written or range exam?

A: You can retake the written test or the range test at a later date. You will have the opportunity to retake the final exam at a later date. A processing fee of $ 25.00 will be accessed for each attempt (for the written exam or the range exam). Understand that taking the range assessment a second time, means that you will have to pay the additional cost of range fees, ammo and firearm usage.


Q: What should I qualify with?

A: The State of Illinois provides four distinct classifications, which are; Revolver, Semi-Automatic, Shotgun and Rifle. If you already work for a Security Agency, you should ask your supervisor or manager which classifications the agency would allow you to carry.

All armed students will qualify with the revolver, and can add additional classifications if needed. Many agencies only allow officers to carry revolvers. In order to be certified in a specific classification, you must demonstrate safety and proficiency at the range in each classification you are applying for. An additional fee of $ 60.00 per firearms classification will apply.

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Security Personnel Firearms Requalification

This program is specifically for security officers, alarm runners and private detective employees who are authorized by their employers to work in an armed capacity, and require requalification by "live-fire" examination at the range.

Duration: 1/2 Day.       Requalification: $ 60.00 per classification                             

Pay online by Credit Card or Pay Pal

(Does not include Range Fees, Ammo or Firearms Rental)

Course Offered: Tuesday or Friday Afternoon, and Sunday Morning slots available.


Defensive Tactics Workshop

About This Course

This course is designed to build the individual security officer's skill and knowledge. Attendees will be instructed in human response to lethal force attacks, how to improve marksmanship skills, how ammunition selection affects outcomes of deadly force encounters, legal considerations in the aftermath of deadly force, and proper maintenance of firearms. attendees will participate in role-playing scenarios and drills in which students will have to make judgement decisions in the use of force.


Scenario Training

Attendees will engage in force-on-force scenarios using airsoft training firearms and safety gear. Attendees must be in good health, and capable of engaging in the training scenarios, including standing, kneeling, bending, twisting, turning, walking, and running. Attendees may feel some discomfort during the force-on-force scenarios, due to the use of projectiles.


Computer Simulation Training

Attendees will engage in simulated training situations, in which the attendees must  make decisions as to the use of deadly force.


Firearm Maintenance

Attendees will bring their own firearms to class, disassemble and learn to properly maintenance their firearms, look for wear and tear, and learn concerns about modifications to firearms.



Attendees of this course must have already taken the following course: 20 Hour Armed Security Guard Course.

Course Duration: Two Days           Course Tuition: $ 200.00


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Advanced Registration Only - No Walk Ins

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Advanced Security Officer Defensive Firearms Course

This course picks up, where the basic 20 Hour Armed Course and the Defensive Tactics Workshop leave off. This course is designed to build on basic knowledge learned in those courses, and will take the student through the psychology of an armed encounter, ammunition types and selection, handgun selection, tactics, and improving skills.

The student will go through tactical roll play and training sessions using computer-generated simulation and airsoft systems. Students will go through a basic force-on-force live action roll play using airsoft training systems.  [Note: Force-on-force live action roll play will involve the student wearing safety equipment and undergo live actions sequences using airsoft training guns, which may generate some discomfort and light bruising.]

Students will go through private live-fire training at a local range.

The student will be introduced to intermediate-to-advanced concepts in armed self-defense, and will be expected to already have a fundamental understanding of Illinois law and handgun fundamentals.

Prerequisites: Defensive Tactics Workshop, & State of Illinois 20 Hour Armed Security Officer Course.

Equipment: Students will need to bring their personal firearm, eye and ear protection, baseball-style cap, concealment holster (if used), thick jacket, gloves and state-required FOID Card. Students will need to bring approximately 400 rounds of factory ammunition for their firearm. 

Questions? Call Us Now At: (224) 678-0311

Course Duration: Two Days           Course Tuition: $ 250.00






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